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Ex-Ford CEO Alan Mulally Doesn't Rule Out Presidential Bid


When asked by ABC’s Dan Harris if he’d consider a run for the Oval Office, former president and CEO of Ford Motors Alan Mulally didn’t make a point of saying he would not one day seek the highest elected office in the land.

“I really think it’s important that we all pull together … around a compelling vision for our country and a comprehensive strategy to do it and work together,” Mulally said with a laugh at a radio industry conference in Indianapolis on Thursday.

Harris made a point of his not expressly saying no and an audience member picked up on the same theme a bit later, asking him if he would consider a run for office.

“This is our country,” Mulally said. “And we all got to get really, really engaged with what we think is really important to get our wonderful country going again.”

The ABC News anchor also asked Mulally what he plans on doing now that he has retired and his five children have all grown up. The 68-year-old, who rebuilt Ford Motors and now serves on Google’s board of directors, did not have an answer.

“I can’t give you a definitive answer for that now,” he said. “I have my health and my energy and I love, I absolutely love serving.”


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