Bill Clinton stumps for Landrieu, As Obama Remains MIA

Neither Barack Obama, nor another prominent Democrat, “Louisiana’s 6th Congressional District, former governor and federal felon Edwin W. Edwards,” managed to show up at what was billed as a large Louisiana event for Democrat Mary Landrieu, yesterday.

While Landrieu appears to be in trouble, certainly the Clinbton’s would welcome any support for Hillary in 2016 when she runs for president – assuming Landrieu remains relevant after November.

Clinton helpfully pointed out that if Landrieu weren’t a Democrat she’d be ahead by 15 points. He could have just as easily said if Landrieu didn’t attract a number of Republican challengers she’d be toast.

She now trails Rep. Bill Cassidy, R-La., her primary rival, in every one of the five polls that comprise the Real Clear Politics average (though the race remains in the tossup column there). The two most recent polls have her down by an average of 6, and the one of those with the thinnest margin was an oddity. It sampled only 605 registered, not likely, voters, for instance.

Some analysts were less than impressed with the former president’s visit. Landrieu needs to get to 50% to avoid a run-off most believe she’ll lose handily. For now, the fifty-percent mark also looks well out of reach.

Well, the Democratic position in the Louisiana Senate race is that the leading GOP candidate is “weird” and, oh, by the way, if you’re not with them you’re a racist. That seemed to be the take of state Rep. John Bel Edwards, D-Amite.

He was the Edwards who did make the scene at Landrieu’s event, and he’s the latest Edwards to run for governor in Louisiana. Still, taking Monday’s event all-in-all, it could have used some of the other Edwards’ legendary wit.


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