Ebola Czar’s First job Should Be — Explain His Own Appointment!

In response to ‘Ebola Czar’ still not ready for prime time:

After all – he’ a “political fixer” and the negative perceptions people have about his appointment need fixing sooner rather than later.

Folks on the right and the left can’t help but think that the appointment of a longtime Democrat political operative with no medical background whatsoever – might be a sign that the White House thinks of Ebola more as a political problem than a health problem. Some even have the impression that the “Ebola Czar’s” main function will be to quarantine the White House from criticism. Others suspect his job will be to stop the deadly spread of Ebola… stories in the news.

He needs to disabuse us of these wild notions.  

Speaking of wild notions – conspiracy theories abound as to why the president refuses to call for a travel ban, or secure our borders. People feel like political correctness and reparations are taking precedence over their own health and well-being. Some on the fringe even fear that the Regime actually wants to “thin the herd,” so to speak. 

His extensive background in Democrat messaging should go a long way toward shooting down these conspiracy theories. But first, he needs to explain why the president would appoint as his Ebola Czar someone who thinks “overpopulation” (especially in the third world) is the most important issue for leaders, today.

Finally, he needs to explain why Dr. Nicole Lurie, an HHS assistant secretary (whose job description –“Preparedness and Response” to Pandemics and All-Hazards – is one that most people would associate with the designation of “Ebola Czar,”)  is no where to be seen, and has become so allergic to the press? 

His experience as a “political fixer” may come in handy on that one.


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