Cassidy Hits Landrieu Hard On Immigration

According to reports, Republican Bill Cassidy is hitting Democrat Mary Landrieu hard in a new ad based upon her weak record on immigration. That would certainly jibe with the latest from Cassidy’s official campaign blog.

(Baton Rouge, La.) —  Dr. Bill Cassidy today announced that the Obama Administration has begun putting its plans to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants into action by ordering an increase in Permanent Resident Cards, or green cards, later this year. The Department of Homeland Security confirmed to the Associated Press that it has already ordered as many as 34 million new green cards in anticipation of executive action from President Obama, even though no such action has been approved by Congress.

 “President Obama has made it clear that he will do whatever he can to grant amnesty to those here illegally – even if it means bypassing Congress. Try as she might to distance herself from President Obama, Senator Landrieu supports his push for amnesty,” Dr. Bill Cassidy said. “We can’t let his failure to secure our borders continue. We’re already seeing thousands of illegal immigrants coming to our state, and I’ll do everything I can to make sure that President Obama doesn’t get his way by doling out millions of new green cards.”

The “background” portion of the Cassidy blog post appears to be consistent with the claimed content of the new ad.


In 2006, Mary Landrieu voted to give millions of illegal immigrants amnesty. And most recently, in 2013 she voted three times IN FAVOR of amnesty. 

 Senator Landrieu also voted against a border fence that would protect our nation from terrorists trying to sneak into our cities and towns. On the floor of the United States Senate in 2013, Landrieu said, “I voted for the dumb fence once, I’m not going to do it again because I learned my mistake.”

 Dr. Cassidy is a member of the Congressional Border Security Caucus and has sponsored bills to secure our border, prevent amnesty and stop illegal immigrants from getting taxpayer dollars.

While Breitbart News has yet to view a copy of the new ad, a partial report of its alleged content is in line with the above from the Cassidy campaign website.

Narrator: “Mary Landrieu’s record on illegal immigration in three pictures: she calls the border fence a ‘dumb fence,’ Landrieu voted to allow illegal immigrants to collect Social Security benefits with fake numbers and, of course, Landrieu supports amnesty.”

Cassidy: “Mary Landrieu votes with Obama 97 percent of the time. I represent you. I’m a conservative who opposes amnesty and Social Security benefits for those here illegally.”


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