Hillary Whines About Big Money in Politics

Apparently having learned nothing from complaints that they were flat broke when she and husband Bill left the White House backfiring so disastrously for her, now Hillary is whining about big money in politics – as if she and Bill’s path to the White House was lined with flowers, not greenbacks.

But really all it was was an opportunity to take a swipe at Bruce Braley’s opponent Joni Ernst as she stumped for him.

Hillary Clinton on Wednesday blasted big money in politics, saying the Iowa Senate race between Democrat Bruce Braley and Republican Joni Ernst is so close because of the influence of well-funded outside groups.

And then, there may be another reason why the former First lady wasn’t in the best of moods in Iowa today. Not only are her numbers not all that good in Iowa, when it came time for Braley to pick a horse in the Democrat’s 2008 presidential sweepstakes, Hillary finished all but dead last with Braley.

Despite her courting his support, he went with John Edwards and then Barack Obama after the Edward’s camapign imploded.

But while Hillary may be there for Iowa and for Braley, the same may not be said in reverse. Some recent surveys have Hillary losing to Romney in Iowa if an election were held today and she’s all but even with some other high profile Republicans, including Rand Paul.


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