Democrat’s Donor Disaster Preparedness Better Than For Ebola?

Democrats weren’t thinking ahead in terms of preparing to protect Americans from Ebola, the White House and CDC have already admitted that. But the thought of deep pocketed Democrat donors ending up with egg on their faces on election night? 

Now, there’s a potential disaster Democrats are quick to try and get out ahead of. Just a wild guess, but maybe newly crowned Ebola czar Ron Klain has been barely visible because his expertise as a political operative is needed elsewhere right now?

Democratic operatives, worried that election night could be a major disappointment, are preparing a damage control offensive meant to convince the rich liberals who opened their wallets wide in 2014 that their money wasn’t spent in vain.

Oh and all that talk about Democrats trying to get big money out of politics, like the Democrat donor-heavy May Day PAC was claiming to do: Politico: Anti-big money super PAC reels in big money?

Mayday PAC, the self-styled anti-super PAC super PAC fighting big money in politics, raised $1.5 million since mid-August, with $650,000 coming from just five super-rich donors.

You can forget about that. Democrats are now mobilizing to do just the opposite, ensure that they have access to as much big money as they can possibly get their hands on next go round.

The goal is to avoid a big money drop-off from rich Democrats who had initially been reluctant to embrace super PACs but who came off the sidelines in a substantial way for the first time in 2014. The plan is to quickly shift their focus to 2016, when Democrats face a much more hospitable Senate map and a potentially historic presidential campaign.


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