Landrieu Makes It Personal With Cassidy Attack

Landrieu Makes It Personal With Cassidy Attack

Struggling in the polls and locked in a race most believe she can’t win, Democrat Mary Landrieu goes after her Republican challenger Bill Cassidy in a very personal way with a new TV spot entitled “ WHOA.”  See below.

The ad highlights excerpts from a Cassidy speech in a manner clearly designed to make him look stupid. Unfortunately for Landrieu, having already been branded as something of a rubber stamp for an increasingly unpopular Obama administration, she may need voters to be dumb to re-elect her, as opposed to her opponent.

The Landrieu campaign calls the ad ” WHOA”  and it features sound bites of Cassidy having a rough time delivering a speech.

“Bill Cassidy game a speech that was nearly incoherent,” the announce says.

”And uh, uh, uh or will it be a Senate, uh Senate,” Cassidy says as he clearly stumbles through the address.


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