Democrats Continue To Spiral Down,Blame "Obama-Hatred" For Election Night Loss

As expected, Democrats are blaming everyone from the Tooth fairy to Santa Clause, for their election night debacle.

One of the most vocal liberal Democrats, Rep. Alan Grayson, is blaming the losses on a “Obama-hatred” which has apparently gripped the entire American electorate.

 “We hate President Obama, and you should, too… That was the “issue” last Tuesday, and it proved to be a very powerful motivator. Hatred often is. -Rep. Alan Grayson (D)

After railing against his own party for running a campaign “like the Jerry Seinfeld Show-a show about nothing,” Grayson dug deep and let his inner liberal extremism bask in the sunlight.

Less noticed, however, was the fact that the Republicans also ran an issueless, issue-phobic campaign. I don’t remember any of them promising to suppress voting, prohibit all abortions, indulge polluters, give huge tax breaks to billionaires and multinational corporations, gut Social Security and Medicare and shred the right to organize – even though that’s exactly what they’re going to do. Instead, the Republicans said “Obama stinks, and we’re against him.” In fact, that was all they said.

He added:

There was an oft-circulated post-election chart pointing out that Obama had slashed the federal deficit, slashed unemployment, increased consumer confidence, etc., etc. But I would venture to say that none of that matters to those voters who had become convinced that Obama is Beelzebub. Or Mephistopheles. Maybe both.


Maybe Grayson and the rest of the Democrat Party clan will one day wake up and realize that Americans-which not only included Republicans, but Democrats and Independents-voted against President Obama and his failed un-American policies, policies that Grayson himself has championed.

Grayson also boasts that he won re-election by 11-points, but what does that say about his popularity, when just two years ago, he won in that very same congressional seat by 25 points?