Landrieu Down Significantly in Early Voting

Landrieu Down Significantly in Early Voting

While Republican Bill Cassidy has seen an uptick over the November primary in GOP early voting, Democrat Mary Landrieu is experiencing the opposite. Democrat early voting totals are down by almost 18 percent and turn-out among blacks is down significantly, as well.

The data was released by the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office and they’re terrible numbers for Mary Landrieu if she has any hope of holding onto her Senate seat.

GOP turnout was the only category of voters to see an increase, as overall early voting was down 10 percentage points.

Louisiana Democrats are trying to put as good a face on the numbers as they can; however, at this point, most expect Landrieu to go down in defeat, just as so many other Democrats did in what was a disastrous mid-term election for the party.

The incumbent’s high-stakes push to get the Senate to approve the Keystone XL pipeline during the lame duck failed by one vote. And national Democrats pulled their advertising commitment for the race early in the runoff period, leaving Landrieu massively outgunned on the airwaves.