Landrieu Plays The Obama Card Both Ways

In an increasingly desperate looking attempt to hold onto her Senate seat, Democrat Mary Landrieu can’t seem to decide if she’s for Barack Obama as president, or against him. Well, actually, depending on the audience, she appears to be both.

When it comes to her ads on local urban radio stations in Louisiana, Landrieu is all about defending Obama and standing with him against those mean – or is she suggesting racist – Republicans?

The Louisiana Democrat, who is trailing in the polls ahead of Saturday’s Senate runoff, has been quietly running ads on urban radio stations that criticize the GOP’s treatment of the country’s first black president, while her aides and surrogates have boasted to predominantly black audiences of how often she’s supported him.

But that’s only one side of Landrieu’s story. In a craven, cynical, if not disgusting bit of attempted political Jiu Jitsu, Landrieu goes out of her way to tell that audience Barack Obama just isn’t her man.  When addressing predominantly white audiences 

Meanwhile, when addressing mostly white audiences, Landrieu has been adamant that the election has nothing to do with Obama, and that she can think for herself.

“He’s not for Keystone; I am,” she said during a televised debate Monday night. “He shut down oil and gas drilling; we all are for it.”

If that looks and sounds desperate, it’s because it is. Few expect Landrieu to be able to win the December 6 run-off with Republican Bill Cassidy. Obama’s terrible numbers continue to be a drag on Landrieu and she’s already lagging way behind where she needs to be with early voting.