Cassidy crushes Landrieu in Senate runoff

No big surprises in Louisiana on special election night; even the Democrat machine knew Mary Landrieu was toast, which was quite vexing to Mary Landrieu.  It looks like she lost by about 13 points to Republican challenger Bill Cassidy.  Landrieu ended up with almost the same percentage of the vote she scored in the regular election, which means everyone else switched to Cassidy when it became a two-person race.

Considering what an awful campaign Landrieu ran – including everything from musing that her constituents were a pack of racists for refusing to fall in line behind Barack Obama, to bizarrely attacking Cassidy for his medical clinic work, to a last-ditch get-out-the-vote effort from a mysterious “concerned citizen” that told low-income Louisiana voters they’d lose their welfare benefits if they didn’t vote for her – thirteen points isn’t as bad as she could have lost.  

Expect that to be the spin from Democrats tomorrow, assuming they bother to comment on Landrieu’s loss at all, instead of just memory-holing her.  That big show of defying Obama over the Keystone pipeline she staged a couple of weeks ago didn’t fool any moderates or conservatives, but it raised quite a bit of steam under Obama-loyalist collars.

Fun facts: A Republican now holds that Senate seat for the first time in over 130 years; half of the Democrat Senators who voted for ObamaCare are gone now; and as Senator Rand Paul playfully reminds us, Landrieu is the last in a long string of losers backed by Hillary Clinton in 2014.