Gov. Perry: Howdy, Breitbart Texas

Gov. Perry: Howdy, Breitbart Texas

Welcome to Texas!

It’s my pleasure to welcome Breitbart News to Texas, and congratulate everyone involved for your expansion into the Lone Star State.

For more than a decade, Texas has been the national epicenter for economic development and the creation of jobs. So if you want to cover what’s working in America, Texas is the right place to be.

As a result of this move, Breitbart readers will have a first-hand account of the success that’s possible when people are able to innovate and succeed, free from unnecessary government restraints and red tape. Our low taxes, fair courts, reasonable and predictable regulations and world-class workforce provide a case study on how to grow an economy and put people to work. Just recently, in fact, a Dallas Fed analysis showed that without Texas, America’s middle-class job growth would have been stagnant between 2000-2012.

There’s a lot of great things happening in Texas, and I’m glad that Breitbart readers will now have a front row seat.

First Lady Anita Perry joins me in wishing you much success in the future.


Rick Perry



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