CNN's Hypocrisy Exposed in Attack on Greg Abbott

CNN's Hypocrisy Exposed in Attack on Greg Abbott

For days, CNN has pursued Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott in an attempt to tie the Republican to the offensive views of rocker Ted Nugent. “Why would you associate yourself with someone who describes the sitting president as a ‘subhuman mongrel’?” CNN’s reporter asked Abbott in a report aired Thursday. Yet CNN has shown no interest whatsoever in the offensive views of some of Democrat Wendy Davis’s supporters.

Take comedian Sarah Silverman, for example, who has raised money for pro-choice causes aligned with Davis in Texas, and with whom Davis has openly associated herself. Silverman, the star of Jesus is Magic, routinely mocks Christians–“I’m Jesus f***ing Christ“–and uses racist humor in her routines. Presumably such views are offensive to Texas voters (even Democrats). Yet CNN has never asked Davis about her ties to Silverman.

It’s one thing to object to Nugent’s views, but unless you are prepared to hold both sides to the same standard, you are clearly shilling for one side over the other. CNN is doing its best to revive Davis’s flagging political fortunes, which began to suffer when her biography was exposed as a fraud. Perhaps it is merely trying to stoke a political drama it hoped would drive ratings. Or perhaps it is just a left-wing front, as critics suggest.