El Salvadoran Arrested at Texas Border Accused of Child Molestation

El Salvadoran Arrested at Texas Border Accused of Child Molestation

TEXAS–Ten individuals were arrested by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents at the Hidalgo and Pharr International Bridges on Sunday. Of the seven who were arrested due to outstanding warrants, one is facing numerous child molestation charges. The other three were arrested for illegally crossing the United States border. 

The man facing charges involving a child is 46-year-old Francisco Javier Sanchez. CBP officers caught Sanchez, an El Salvadoran man who is a permanent resident in Georgia, attempting to leave the U.S. The officers’ database showed an arrest warrant for Sanchez for bail jumping in Georgia. After the warrant was confirmed, it was revealed that it had stemmed from charges of child molestation and sexual battery of a child in 2012.

Sanchez was accused of raping his ex-girlfriend’s two teenage daughters.

The other individuals arrested on warrants this weekend were: Ernesto Charles San Miguel, wanted for a parole violation related to drug charges; Dulce Ibarra and Christina Davila, both wanted for parole violations; David Abraham Montalvo, property theft; and Javier Vela Lozana, terroristic threats. One of the other three arrested for illegally entering the country had previously presented a fake U.S. visa while trying to cross the border. 

Port Director Efrain Solis Jr. said, “This was a busy weekend for our frontline officers by having detected numerous fugitives of the law, principally the man facing out-of-state sex related charges involving a child.”

Sex offenders attempting to cross the U.S. border are becoming increasingly common. 

Breitbart News reported on a case in December where an illegal alien from Mexico, Rolando Esparza-Reyes, was caught trying to illegally cross the border after serving eight years in a U.S. prison for committing sexual assault in Houston. Although he has tried to illegally re-enter to the U.S. on multiple occasions, authorities are set to deport again him with no consequences. A CBP spokesperson told Breitbart, “He has served his time for his crimes in the U.S., so all we can do is deport him.”

Moreover, CBP recently reported that in one area of the U.S./Mexican border, there has been a 100% increase over the last year in the number of illegal aliens attempting to re-enter the U.S. after being deported for sexual offenses. This statistic only represents the number of illegal aliens who get caught by Border Patrol agents–the actual increase percentage is likely much higher. 

This recent case involving Sanchez is yet another example of a non-U.S. citizen accused of committing a sex crime on U.S. soil. It is unclear at this time if Sanchez, who is here legally, will be deported after serving jail time.

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