Sen. Cornyn: Stop Cutting Medicare for Obamacare

Sen. Cornyn: Stop Cutting Medicare for Obamacare

Facing an eight-way Republican primary election on March 4, U.S. Senator John Cornyn took to Fox News on Sunday promoting a recent letter demanding that Medicare funding not be slashed and transferred to Obamacare.

In a letter co-signed with Senators McConnell, Thune, Barrasso, Moran and Blunt, Cornyn argued that the Obama Administration’s latest unilateral move would “[A]lter the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit in ways that will increase premiums, reduce choices and cause America’s seniors to lose access to health plans they were promised they could keep.”

Senator Cornyn described the move as “a repetition of ‘If you like what you have, you can keep it’ false promise, because many seniors are finding that the $300 billion that has been cut out of Medicare has been then used to try to fund ObamaCare.”

The full Fox News segment may be viewed below.

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