Border Patrol Agent Attacked and Almost Shot in Texas by Illegal Immigrant

Border Patrol Agent Attacked and Almost Shot in Texas by Illegal Immigrant

An illegal alien on the U.S./Mexico border in Texas assaulted a Border Patrol agent, took his pistol and then allegedly attempted to shoot the agent. Breitbart Texas confirmed the agent is reporting in stable condition, despite a possible broken bone, according to the National Border Patrol Council. 

Breitbart Texas spoke with Shawn Moran, Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council today and was told that the episode serves as a reminder of the “dangers” constantly faced “on our nation’s borders.”

The incident began on Wednesday morning after two Border Patrol agents spotted some immigrants traveling near Encino, Texas.

According to The Monitor Rey Merino, an attorney for the National Border Patrol Council Local 3307, the immigrant punched the agent all over his body and repeatedly choked him. During the altercation, the agent’s service pistol accidentally fired into the air twice.

The alleged assailant eventually grabbed the pistol. Merino said, “He actually was able to take one of the agent’s guns away in the scuffle.” The pistol later jammed right before the illegal immigrant attempted to shoot the border agent. 

Eight individuals were ultimately detained by Border Patrol, according to The Monitor

Border Patrol released the following statement:

“On March 12, 2014, RGV Sector Border Patrol agents working near Encino, Texas, attempted to apprehend eight subjects when one of the individuals attempted to wrestle away the agent’s firearm. During the scuffle, the firearm was discharged but no one was injured. No other details are available at this time. The FBI will be investigating the case.”

The statement was subsequently altered to reflect the fact that some individuals may have acquired relatively minor injuries. 

Vice President Moran further told Breitbart Texas, “The Border patrol agent in question never gave up and relied on his training, even when it appeared he may lose his own life,” Moran told said. “The agent should be commended for his actions and every Border Patrol agent is relieved that we are not having to mourn another fallen brother.”

Violence by illegal immigrants against Border Patrol agents on the Mexican/U.S. border is becoming increasingly common, and has led to some debate about what measures Border Patrol agents should be allowed to take in self-defense. 

Breitbart Texas previously reported on an incident where Jesus Flores-Cruz, a Mexican citizen who investigators claim was most likely in the U.S. illegally began throwing rocks at a Border Patrol agent from a hillside. The rocks being thrown gradually got larger – one was the size of a basketball – and some even hit the agent in the head. The agent, who remains unnamed, claims that he fired warning shots two times when he began to fear for his life. After Flores-Cruz refused to stop throwing rocks, the agent shot him dead.

In November 2013, Breitbart Texas’ Managing Director Brandon Darby reported extensively on a similar case where a number of illegal aliens lured, trapped and murdered border agent Robert Rosas Jr. to steal his night vision goggles. Just as in this case, the agent courageously stood his ground despite the risks as he was trained. The assailant, Marcos Rodriguez-Perez, was on “supervised release” at the time of the incident. Rodriguez-Perez was later sentenced to more than 50 years in prison.

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