'Chunky' Texas Constable Made Deputy 'Motorboat' Her Bosom

'Chunky' Texas Constable Made Deputy 'Motorboat' Her Bosom

A former Texas deputy constable will receive $567,000 after a jury found he was sexually harassed by his female superior. Galveston County Constable Pam Matranga was accused by her ex-employee, James Gist, of committing various sexually suggestive actions and making numerous inappropriate comments during her time as his boss, according to the Daily Mail

According to reports, Ms. Matranga’s language around the office included words such as “Canooki,” “Duck taco” and encouraging Gist to attend “chunky chick night” to watch her dance at a local nightclub.  

In one instance, Gist says Matranga put her shirt over his head, forcing him to “motorboat” her breasts in the middle of the office.

During the evidence discovery portion of the trial, Matranga admitted that she had “motorboated” some of her employees in the past, but not Gist.  

Matranga would also frequently break wind around the office and rub her genitals, according to court documents.

Gist claimed in court the situation became so abusive that he was forced to quit his job and file a lawsuit.

According to reports, the jury sided with Gist and awarded him $567,000 in damages.  

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