Ted Cruz Bashes Obamacare Following Enrollment Deadline

Ted Cruz Bashes Obamacare Following Enrollment Deadline

Texas Senator Ted Cruz came out swinging the day after extended open enrollment for Obamacare today in an interview with Fox News. 

President Obama’s communications team claimed to have hit their seven million person sign-up goal.  Cruz responded to the claim saying, “The numbers are a bit of funny math. They’re giving you the number of people who signed up.”

“Those numbers don’t reflect: number one,” Cruz explained, “who actually bought insurance and paid their first month’s premium.”  He explained that the number of new people becoming insured under this program is somewhere between 10 and 28 percent of the people signing up.”

Breitbart News has set up a page providing extensive coverage of a wide variety of issues related to the roll-out of Obamacare.

Following is the Senator’s full appearance on Fox & Friends:

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