Fort Hood Shooters Allegedly Used Same Gun Store

Fort Hood Shooters Allegedly Used Same Gun Store

FORT HOOD, TEXAS–KPRC-TV in Houston quoted a high ranking law enforcement official claiming the FBI last night entered a Killeen gun store, Guns Galore, believed to be the shop alleged shooter Army Specialist Ivan Lopez purchased a .45 caliber Smith & Wesson used in the April 2 shooting. This is the same store where Army Major Nidal Hasan purchased the gun he used in his shooting rampage nearly five years ago.

Breitbart Texas visited Guns Galore and spoke with an employee who was acting as a spokesman for store manager Sunny Cheadle. The spokesman asked that his name be withheld from reports. While the spokesman would not confirm or deny that Lopez purchased the gun in the store, he did confirm that at approximately 8:30 p.m. April 2 Mrs. Cheadle did, in fact, meet with the FBI on premises. He declined to answer whether any records were taken from the store or what was discussed.

The spokesman did also confirm that Maj. Hasan purchased his gun in the store–having learned many lessons from the previous incident. The employee described the hundreds of “hate-filled” emails Cheadle would have to wade through each morning in order to read messages necessary for daily business. He said she “is a very good woman and was extremely disturbed by what she had to read.” 

The spokesman spoke of the extreme care and detail they take in processing the required federal paperwork when any customers comes in to purchase a firearm.

“We call the FBI, as required, and provide them the required information,” the spokesperson said. “They conduct a background check and inform us that the buyer is good to go.  What else can we be expected to do?”

The Guns Galore spokesman is an Army veteran and served as a first-sergeant on Fort Hood before becoming a law enforcement officer after his military retirement. 

A press conference is scheduled for 3 p.m. CDT today to update the latest information on the ongoing investigation.

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