Delayed Texas Execution Episode Ends with 'Nap'

Delayed Texas Execution Episode Ends with 'Nap'

The delayed execution of convicted murderer Tommy Lynn Sells ended April 3 after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected appellate matters brought by Sells’ lawyers. Breitbart Texas recently reported on federal Judge Vanessa Gillmore’s decision to block execution orders based on concerns that the source of the lethal sedatives were withheld from court records.

According to the Associated Press, Sells’ execution did not appear to deviate from typical patterns of events once the pentobarbital began flowing intravenously. Witnesses reported that Sells began to snore with slowed breathing until his death pronouncement 13 minutes later.

The father of a 13 year old murder victim, Terry Harris, was underwhelmed by the procedure given Sells’ gruesome murder.

Harris claimed the procedure was “way more gentle than what he gave out” and added “basically, the dude just took a nap.”

As Breitbart Texas recently reported, Sells broke into the Harris family home in 1999 and molested 13-year-old Kaylene while she slept in her bed. He later forced her sleepover friend Krystal Surles to watch as he slit Kaylene’s throat multiple times. Sells then cut the minor witness until she “pretended [she] was dead.” The wounded minor then forced herself a quarter mile down the road to the next home to call for help.

Krystal Surles

Tommy Sells was 49 at the time of his execution.

Featured image of Kaylene Harris, age 13.

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