Willie Nelson: Martial Arts Expert

Willie Nelson: Martial Arts Expert

Willie Nelson fans might think of him as a peace loving hippie, but behind closed doors he’s a dangerous killing machine, according to a recent interview with his sensei, Grand Master Sam Um, on the Walton and Johnson radio program.

On April 28 in Austin, Texas, Nelson will receive a fifth degree black belt in the modern Korean martial art of Gong Kwon Yu Sul.

Grand Master Um says Willie is an unusual student. While many martial arts students stop training in their 40s, Willie did not get started until he was well into his 60s.

Um adds that Willie “has great discipline” and he sometimes sends Um videos of his martial arts techniques for advice. He also said Willie is now more advanced than his own sensei, and that Nelson “could take” Um “in a fight with no problem.”

Willie Nelson will turn 81 the day after his black belt ceremony, on April 29.  However, he will spend the day before the ceremony hosting a barbeque for Wendy Davis, the 2014 Texas gubernatorial candidate for the Democrat party.

Master Um occasionally trains with former professional football player Herschel Walker when he is in Austin.

Ken Webster Jr. is the executive producer of Walton & Johnson and a contributing producer to The Michael Berry Show. Follow him on Twitter @ProducerKen