Longmire: Resource Mismanagement Greatest Failure in Border Security

Longmire: Resource Mismanagement Greatest Failure in Border Security

Breitbart Texas Contributing Editor Sylvia Longmire joined Tavis Smiley on PBS recently to discuss her latest book, Border Insecurity and why Washington is unlikely to resolve matters in the short term. The televised interview addressed common myths involving border security and immigration reform.

A critical portion of the interview delved into the true purpose of erecting a border fence along the U.S./Mexico boundary.

“If you take a look at how the fence has progressed over the years where it started, where it is now, it does have a purpose. There are certain parts of the border, certain sectors were effective–and even the Border Patrol will tell you, the fence is not designed to stop anybody. It’s strictly designed to slow people down long enough for Border Patrol to respond.”

Longmire argued that simply completing the border fence will not be a cure-all. The interview also covered matters of proper resource management and emerging technologies to aid law enforcement to detect narco-traffickers.

View the full interview courtesy of PBS below.

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