Police: Texas Thief Gets Shot in Anus

Police: Texas Thief Gets Shot in Anus

24-year-old Dennis Molina had a bad week last week: he got shot in the rear end while allegedly breaking into a vehicle and subsequently was charged with with burglary, according to the San Antonio Express-News

The incident reportedly occurred at 3 a.m. on May 6.  

32-year-old Miguel Sandoval of San Antonio noticed odd noises coming from outside, as Molina attempted to steal a toolbox from the bed of his pickup truck.

After then hearing and seeing the doorknob of his house move, Sandoval allegedly grabbed his rifle. According to the Express-News, Sandoval looked out of his laundry room window and saw two men, one of which was allegedly Molina. 

Sandoval reportedly yelled at the men, “You better leave, I have a gun!”

Police say Molina did not leave–instead, he allegedly walked towards Sandoval, who began shooting at him. Reports state that Molina tried to run away and hop a fence, dropping the stolen toolbox in the process. 

The other suspect at Sandoval’s home fled the scene, apparently unharmed. 

According to the Express-News, Molina underwent surgery at the San Antonio Military Medical Center in order to have the bullet removed. 

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