Man Beaten to Death at Texas Amtrak Station

Man Beaten to Death at Texas Amtrak Station

An unidentified man was killed Thursday night in San Antonio while waiting to board an Amtrak train to Houston. He was allegedly beaten to death by a large man who witnesses observed stating, “I just like killing someone.”

The victim was a white male in his mid-fifties who weighed about 150 pounds, according to an Amtrack employee who spoke with Breitbart Texas on condition of anonymity. The alleged assailant was described as a black male weighing approximately 350 pounds.

The conductor of the eastbound train told the source he witnessed the victim sitting on a bench by himself waiting to board the train and not speaking with or to anyone. He said the alleged assailant then approached the victim and for no apparent reason struck the victims with his bare hands a couple of times.

He then paused for a few moments, looked around and allegedly said, “I feel like killing someone.” Then, according to the witness, he proceeded to beat the victim with his fists until he was dead.

Amtrak spokeswoman Kimberly Woods confirmed the fatal incident involving two of Amtrak’s passengers. In an interview with Breitbart Texas, Woods said one of the men arrived in San Antonio on the Texas Eagle and was transferring to another train. The destination of this passenger, believed to be the alleged assailant, was not known at this time. The second passenger had purchased a ticket in San Antonio and was waiting on the platform when the incident occurred.

Woods emphasized the investigation is still underway and Amtrak is cooperating fully with the San Antonio Police Department.

According to Breitbart Texas’ original source, Amtrak security arrived at the scene within a minute or two, but it was too late. The witness described the victim’s face as “unrecognizable as a human face.”

Breitbart Texas reached out to the San Antonio Police Department who reportedly worked the crime scene and arrested the alleged assailant. They have not responded to Breitbart Texas’ request for information. Breitbart Texas also contacted the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office where the alleged assailant would have been incarcerated pending a bail hearing. No response has been received from the Sheriff’s Office.

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