Gohmert Slams Obama's ISIS Strategy

Gohmert Slams Obama's ISIS Strategy

HOUSTON, Texas — Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert took to the House floor on Tuesday, and gave a riveting speech against arming the Syrian rebels. 

“The truth is, under this president, we trained people in Libya, we provided weapons in Libya that were then used against us in Benghazi,” the Congressman said. There are Americans dead because this administration felt compelled to go in and take out Gaddafi.”

px;”>He continued, “One of the big problems is too…when we go in and train, as this president wants us to do for Syrians, they learn our trade craft. They use it against us as they did at Benghazi. al Quida today has indicated that all Jihadists must combine together and that pressure is going to get greater and greater.”

Gohmert pointed out several Muslim brotherhood leaders who have “begged” Jihadists to “come together in their fight against the United States.”

The Texas Congressman continued on to say that our actions, under the Obama administration, “will unify radicals against us…We’re uniting the Jihadists of the world to come against us. Why? Because there’s nothing lower to these Jihadists than infidels that help invade what they consider to be a Muslim country. And we are about to ask for more than this administration knows.”

Gohmert’s speech comes on the heels of Obama outlining his own “strategy” for dealing with ISIS, which Breitbart News’ Ben Shapiro called “deeply problematic on virtually every strategic and rhetorical level.”

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