Jorge Ramos Swam in Raw Sewage for 'Solidarity,' Says Border Patrol Agent

Jorge Ramos Swam in Raw Sewage for 'Solidarity,' Says Border Patrol Agent

LAREDO, Texas — News anchor Jorge Ramos unintentionally swam in raw sewage in a recent publicity stunt where he crossed the Rio Grande, according to a Border Patrol agent who works in the area. The swim was intended to show solidarity with illegal immigrants who cross the shallow river that separates Texas from Mexico.  


“Ramos swam immediately downstream of the place where Mexico’s Nuevo Laredo releases all of its raw sewage into the Rio Grande,” said Border Patrol agent Jarrad Seely. Agent Seely was speaking exclusively with Breitbart Texas in his role as a vice president and spokesperson for the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) Local 2455.

“The guy came down here and he literally swam with poo-poos. He came and told us what the reality was rather than listen to us about what we know and experience. We would have warned him had he taken the time to ask,” said Agent Seely. “We had to watch as Customs and Border Protection (CBP), our parent agency, put on a show and beefed up security for the Ramos visit. They had a show of force on the border that is usually not there, and that is dishonest to the American public. It makes them think the federal government is doing more to secure the border than they actually are doing.”

Breitbart Texas was able to independently confirm that such a plant does exist a short way upstream from where Ramos swam. The plant pumps raw effluent into the Rio Grande, including human-derived raw sewage. 

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