New Abbott Web Ad Focuses on Women-Owned Businesses

New Abbott Web Ad Focuses on Women-Owned Businesses

AUSTIN, Texas — While Democrats have been heavily pushing their “War on Women” rhetoric for the past few years, Texas Attorney General and Republican nominee for Governor Greg Abbott is focusing on a more positive message to reach out to women voters. In a new video web ad launched Sunday, the Abbott campaign features former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and shows Abbott declaring, “it’s time Texas becomes number one in the nation for women-owned businesses.” Texas is currently second in the nation with 737,000 women-owned businesses.

Fiorina, who was born in Austin, officially endorsed Abbott during a campaign event earlier this month. “I think when barriers are taken out of your way, women are going to succeed,” says Fiorina in the ad. “One of the things that I so appreciate about Greg Abbott is that he knows that the highest calling of leadership is to unlock the potential of others, and that is why he’s going to be a great governor for the State of Texas.”

Abbott’s campaign also shared a radio interview he had Sunday with “Ladies Can We Talk?” program on the topic of encouraging the development of women-owned businesses in Texas. “[M]y job as governor, and the state’s job, is to not impose heavy-handed mandates from government,” says Abbott in the interview, “but allow the genius of women entrepreneurs to start a job, create a company, and let it grow.”

Abbott’s Deputy Communications Director Amelia Chasse was confident in his appeal to women voters. Texas women showed their support for Greg Abbott’s record and vision by casting more votes for him in the primary election than for Senator Davis and her follow Democrat candidates combined,” Chasse told Breitbart Texas. “As Attorney General, Greg Abbott is a proven fighter for Texas women and families, collecting more than $31 billion in child support and spearheading new programs to crack down on sexual assault, domestic violence and human trafficking. In his campaign for governor, Greg Abbott has put forward a vision to ensure greater opportunity for women, and all Texans, and as governor, he will work to make Texas #1 in the nation for women-owned businesses.”

Women make up 55 percent of the voters in Texas, and polling throughout this race has not only shown Abbott with a comfortable lead, but also shown him winning among likely women voters. Whether Abbott or Davis will ultimately win more women’s votes will be settled soon, with early voting running from Monday, October 20, to Friday, October 31, and election day on November 4.

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