Texas Man Arrested For Recording 1,000 Women in Bathrooms With Hidden Cameras

Texas Man Arrested For Recording 1,000 Women in Bathrooms With Hidden Cameras

HOUSTON, Texas — A North Texas man allegedly recorded almost 1,000 women in various public bathrooms with secret cameras. 

65-year-old Andrew Boden of Irving, Texas was arrested for improper photography or video recording, according to KHOU

Irving Police spokesman James McLellan told the local media outlet that Boden had placed the cameras in restrooms of fast-food restaurants, grocery stores, and other places with heavy foot traffic. Boden made sure to keep the cameras out-of-sight; in one case, the camera was hidden inside of a fake wall outlet. 

McLellan reportedly added that all of the footage was discovered on Boden’s personal computers and flash drives. 

At this point, Boden is living in a hotel — he was bonded out of jail, according to KHOU. 

Earlier this year, another form of controversial photography took the spotlight in Texas when the state’s highest criminal court ruled that a ban on “improper photography in public” violates First Amendment rights. Prohibiting such photography, which includes “upskirting” or “downblousing” for the purpose of sexual gratification, would be considered a violation of free speech. 

The decision was the result of a 2011 case that involved a man taking photos at SeaWorld of children in their bathing suits. 

Despite that ruling, photography in bathrooms and dressing rooms is still illegal in Texas. 

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