Pete Sessions’ Pro Amnesty Travel Buddy Rubs Off on Him

Pete Sessions’ Pro Amnesty Travel Buddy Rubs Off on Him

Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez seemed overcome by
happiness when Texas Republican Pete Sessions flipped on his tough talk against Obama’s Executive Amnesty and said not one person should be “thrown out” or “deported.”

In an article by Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle on Big Government, Sessions is quoted telling Democrats, “I’m going to use my assets and resources in the new year to work with this Congress, including [Democratic Rep. Jared] Polis [of Colorado], to have a well understood agreement about what the law should be, and how we as communities, and farm communities, and tech communities create circumstances where we can have people be in this country and work, and where not one person is quote ‘thrown out’ or ‘deported;’ where we do keep families together, but what we do is we do so under a rule of law of an understanding.”

Congressional travel records reveal a possible explanation for the “odd
political bedfellows” of Gutierrez and Sessions as it appears they have been spending a lot of time
traveling together on Congressional junkets.

At least two expense reports filed by Sessions show him
traveling with the pro-amnesty Gutierrez at the expense of the pro-comprehensive
immigration reform group, the Ripon Society. The two trips, attached below, reveal
Sessions and Gutierrez traveling together on expense paid trips to Dublin,
Ireland and Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Ripon Society appears to follow the immigration reform policies of Sen. John McCain and New Jersey Governor Chris Christi.

During the Dublin trip Gutierrez, listed on the agenda as a
member of the House Judiciary’s Immigration Subcommittee, participated in a
panel discussion on highly-skilled workers and immigration.  Sessions led another forum on the “exchange of
ideas for governance.” During the trip to Argentina, Sessions and Gutierrez
appeared together in a panel discussion on “Priorities of the 113th
Congress.” The two trips occurred over the past two years. It is not known at
this time, how many other trips the two have taken together.

It appears Gutierrez’ pro-amnesty dreams have rubbed off on
the Congressman who  just two weeks ago
railed against Obama’s Executive Amnesty action which granted amnesty to
millions of illegal immigrants. At that time, he called Obama’s actions “an egregious
abuse of power that blatantly disregards the Constitution” according to an a Sessions press release obtained by Breitbart Texas.

Now, however, when speaking to a group of Democrats,
including his travel buddy Gutierrez, Sessions insisted that he sees the need to
implement immigration reform. He assured the group of Democrats he would make
full use of his “assets and resources” upon the beginning of the 114th
Congress next year.  As chairman of the
powerful House Rules Committee, that is a powerful assurance. Sessions said he
would work to “create circumstances where we can have people be in this country
and work, and where not one person is ‘thrown out’ or ‘deported.’”

Sessions’ travel buddy Gutierrez responded positively
stating his heart was “filled with joy.”

Bob Price is a senior political news contributor for
Breitbart Texas and a member of the original Breitbart Texas team. Follow him
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