Journalist Kidnapped by Gunmen in Mexico

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AP Photo/Gustavo Aguado

A group of gunmen stormed the home of a journalist in the Mexican state of Veracruz taking him at gunpoint while at the same time stealing his camera, computer and cell phones.

The kidnapping took place in the town of Medellin Del Bravo, Veracruz, when a group of heavily armed gunmen arrived in three vehicles to the house of Jose Moises Sanchez Cerezo from where they kidnapped him, Mexico’s El Universal reported.

Sanchez Cerezo had been a photojournalist and most recently he had started a local online news website called La Union where he had been reporting on organized crime in the area.

Sanchez Cerezo (Photo taken from Cerezo's site)

Sanchez Cerezo (Photo taken from Cerezo’s site)

Historically, Veracruz has been a considered a safe haven for Los Zetas drug cartel, a crime syndicate known for their ruthlessness that has managed to infiltrate all aspects of life in the Mexican State.

As Breitbart Texas previously reported, drug cartels in Mexico have virtually silenced or controlled the content of most local media outlets creating an information vacuum in regards to drug violence. Because of the information vacuum, average citizens have had to take it upon themselves to report on cartel crime in their neighborhoods that mainstream media outlets will not cover.

According to the international organization Reporters Without Borders Mexico continues to be one of the most dangerous countries for journalists. Murders, kidnappings, assaults and threats have become a common practice in order to silence the media in Mexico.

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