Wendy Davis Attacks Konni Burton’s Boots as ‘Kitschy’

Konni Burton's Boots
Konni Burton's Boots

AUSTIN, Texas — State Senator Konni Burton (R-Colleyville) made headlines last week for wearing custom-made boots with a “Stand for Life” logo when she was sworn into office, and her Democrat predecessor, Wendy Davis, was unable to resist firing some parting shots at her, calling the boots “a kitschy statement” and attacking Burton’s commitment to protecting Texans’ constitutional rights.

As Breitbart Texas reported, Burton wanted to send a strong pro-life message on her first day representing Senate District 10, and viewed her boots as the perfect counter to the pink Mizuno sneakers that Davis made famous during her 2013 filibuster against Texas’ abortion law. The “Stand for Life” logo on Burton’s boots was inspired by the #stand4life hashtag that pro-life activists adopted during Davis’ filibuster.

In an interview with Peggy Fikac at the Houston Chronicle published on Sunday,  Fikac asked Davis about the boots, and Davis was sharply critical:

“I’ll believe that Ms. Burton stands for life when I see her vote to restore funding to our schools, to vote for a budget that increases funding for child protective services and that assures that low-income women have access to cancer screenings restored. Until then, her boots are nothing more than a kitschy statement that stand for the proposition that she believes it’s OK to pick and choose between which constitutional freedoms we’ll defend and which we’ll ignore.”

Breitbart Texas has not yet uncovered any statements by Burton regarding any constitutional freedoms she intends to ignore, but Davis found herself the target of Second Amendment supporters earlier this month after she admitted that she made a mistake backing the open carry of firearms, and that she was only doing so to get votes.

Davis lost the governor’s race to Republican Greg Abbott by double digits, but she told Fikac that she is likely to run for office again, although she had not decided which one. She is scheduled to speak at upcoming Planned Parenthood events and has promised to be “a voice” during this legislative session.

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