Mexico Captures Los Zetas Top Boss

Mexican Police Arrest Zetas Leader - Jorge Lopez - Reuters
Reuters/Jorge Lopez

Mexican officials announced the arrest of one of Mexico’s top cartel bosses. Omar “Z-42” Treviño Morales is the head of the Los Zetas drug cartel.

The officials told Breitbart Texas that Los Zetas leader, Omar “Z-42” Treviño Morales was captured in Monterrey. This is located in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon. No other details about the arrest have been released at this time.

Miguel “Z-40” Ángel Treviño Morales, the brother of the captured cartel leader is expected to become the new leader of the cartel. He was considered to be among the most feared members of the Los Zetas drug cartel.

A third brother from the notorious family is currently serving prison time in the United States on a money laundering scheme related to horse racing.

Just last week, Breitbart Texas reported the capture of another cartel boss. Servando “La Tuta” Gomez, the head of the Knights Templar cartel was captured at 4 a.m. on February 27th. The brothers are from the Mexican town of Nuevo Laredo.

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