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U.S. Consulate in Mexico Issues Warning as Troops Arrest Cartel Boss in Border City

A large-scale raid by Mexican authorities prompted U.S. consular officials to issue a shelter-in-place notice warning the public of possible blockades and shootouts in the border city of Nuevo Laredo. The capture was touted by Mexican authorities as a heavy blow to the Cartel Del Noreste faction of Los Zetas which has a long history of operating with complete impunity and with the protection of corrupt government officials.

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GRAPHIC: Cartel Gunmen Spread Terror in Mexican Border State After Dumping 12 Bodies

One of Mexico’s most violent drug cartels spread terror in the border state of Nuevo Leon after dumping 12 dismembered bodies in various locations. The gory crime scenes come as Mexico’s government has been unable to stop the raging violence throughout the region. The drug cartels fight for control of lucrative trafficking routes and the local narcotics market.

Three members of the Mexican army keep watch in the residential Anahuac neighborhood in Monterrey, Nuevo León state, Mexico on Feb. 5, 2012, after clashes between a group of gunmen and Mexican army. Photo: Julio Cesar Aguilar/AFP/Getty Images

VIDEOS: Shootouts Spread Terror in Cartel-Controlled Border City in Mexico

While the governor in the Mexican border state of Tamaulipas claims his state is safe, large-scale shootouts involving cartel paramilitary forces and Mexican authorities continue to spread terror among locals. Due to the intensity of one of those shootouts in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, the city’s mayor was forced to send out social media warnings asking the public to shelter in place. Surprisingly, the U.S. Consulate in Nuevo Laredo, which had been diligent in issuing warnings of shootouts in the city, remained silent during the clashes.

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Son of Gulf Cartel Kingpin Gets U.S. Prison Time on Gun Trafficking Charges

The son of the ultimate leader of the Gulf Cartel will spend more than eight years in a U.S. prison for coordinating the shipment of weapons into Mexico for the criminal organization once led by his father. He was on supervised release at the time of his arrest. The narco-heir has a long history of prior convictions on weapons charges and is currently facing multiple charges in a Texas court for a violent stabbing in the border city of Brownsville.


Exclusive: Murdered Cartel Member Allegedly Tied to Mexican Border State Governor’s Campaign Funds

A recently murdered drug distributor in Mexico was the key owner of a company that is under investigation for funneling funds into the campaign of the governor-elect of the border state of Nuevo Leon. The campaign funds went to the same politician whose family was previously exposed by Breitbart Texas as allegedly having embezzled millions from a former leader of the Gulf Cartel.

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Los Zetas Desata Nueva Ola de Ataques en Coahuila

El Cártel de Los Zetas ha desatado una nueva ola de terror en el estado fronterizo de Coahuila, llevando a cabo varios ataques en varias ciudades, incluida una emboscada de gran escala a la policía estatal en una aparente demostración de fuerza.

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