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WATCH: Arrested Waco Biker’s Full Press Statement

Screenshot 2015-06-18 at 2.18.59 PM

Matt Clendennen is one of the “Waco 170” — the 177 people arrested after the shooting incident outside a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas that made national headlines on May 15th.

Police blamed the incident that left 9 dead on a biker brawl and said that all 177 people taken into custody were part of criminal biker gangs.

Now, some of those arrested are speaking out, and people have a chance to hear the other side of the story. In the interest of letting people make up their own minds, Breitbart Texas presents the complete 20 minute statement by Clendennen.

Matt Clendennen, like many  of people arrested, has no criminal record, and says he had no idea that violence would break out at the Confederation of Clubs & Independents political meeting they attended.

This is Clendennen’s statement from a June 15th press conference, discussing what he saw at the restaurant, and his arrest and incarceration.


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