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Coverage of New Video in Waco Biker Shooting Reveals Media Bias

New video released of the May shooting that occurred outside a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas, raises more questions than it answers about what really happened that day. One of the biggest takeaways from the incident may be the nationwide media blackout on what could be the biggest story of police misconduct in 2015.

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Waco Twin Peaks Judge Reverses Decision to Extend ‘Pick-A-Pal’ Grand Jury

One of the state district judges presiding over the Waco Twin Peaks bikers cases has reversed his decision to extend the term of a grand jury selected under the old method of selecting grand juries. The judge will now comply with a McLennan County, Texas, order that ends on July 8th, the much criticized practice of selecting “pick-a-pal” grand juries. This grand jury will likely decide the fate of some, if not all, of the 177 bikers arrested on May 17th after the Twin Peaks shootout.

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WATCH: Arrested Waco Biker’s Full Press Statement

Matt Clendennen is one of the “Waco 170” — the 177 people arrested after the shooting incident outside a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas that made national headlines on May 15th. Here is his statement from a June 15th press conference, discussing what he saw at the restaurant, and his arrest and incarceration.

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Twin Peaks Waco Franchise Revoked

Placing the blame for the Sunday biker shooting firmly on the franchisee, Twin Peaks national headquarters has revoked the franchise from the Waco restaurant. Nine people were killed in a fight that began inside the restaurant and spilled out into the parking lot.

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