Leaked Waco Video Reveals Little on Twin Peaks Shooting

Police arrive at Don Carlos
Photo: Don Carlos Security Video

The ninety minute video from a surveillance camera at Don Carlos Mexican restaurant reveals little, if any, new information about the police shootout at the neighboring Twin Peaks restaurant. That incident left nine people dead in May. The video was released by a Dallas law firm on Friday evening.

The security camera video (shown below), released by the law firm of Broden, Mickelsen, Helms and Snipes, is from the front door camera of Don Carlos. It shows the walkway leading up to the entrance and part of the parking lot. There is no audio associated with this video.

The shooting apparently begins at about the 1:34 second mark in the video. A patron, standing calmly outside the Don Carlos restaurant, suddenly bolts for the door to take cover. Shortly after that, several bystanders as seen fleeing from the Twin Peaks parking lot into the Don Carlos parking lot seeking safety.

During the video, police are seen entering the parking lot as the shooting continues. Officers march through the parking lot and crouch behind some of the cars with their weapons drawn, but no gunfire is shown on this video.

Later in the video, police are shown detaining one biker for about thirty minutes. He is made to sit on the ground next to a car in the parking lot. After about thirty minutes, he is stood up and walked to the back of the car. You can see he is handcuffed. Shortly after that, his handcuffs are removed and he is allowed to leave from that scene.

At about the halfway mark in the video, one guest of the Don Carlos restaurant is seen exiting the front door. The older gentleman appears to have an argument with a police officer. He stands around for a little while, appearing to yell occasionally. He then he gets in his car and leaves. Shortly after that, more patrons leave the restaurant.

Late Friday afternoon, the Waco Tribune reported that only four of the one hundred seventy bikers initially jailed remained in custody. Three of them are being held on felony warrants from other Texas counties. The fourth has been unable to make bond.

Those remaining in custody are: Michael E. Chaney, a Cossack from Fort Worth; Marcus Pilkington, a Bandido from Mexia; Daniel Pesina, a member of a Bandidos support group called Macheteros from San Antonio; and Joseph Ortiz, a Bandido from San Antonio, according to the Tribune.

According to the Tribune:

  • Pilkington, 36, is wanted on a drug possession charge in Limestone County. His leg was injured in the May 17th shooting incident.
  • Chaney, 54, has outstanding warrants in Tarrant County. He is wanted on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and assault/family violence.
  • Pesina, 21, has five charges pending in Bexar County. Those charges include, burglary of a habitation, DWI, tampering with physical evidence and two counts of evading arrest.
  • Ortiz, 35, has no outstanding charges, but is being held because he has been unable to make bond. His bond was reduced to $100,000. Since his arrest, he has lost his job and was evicted from his home. He is a former Marine with no criminal history.

Ortiz is represented by attorney Jay Norton from San Antonio. “Mr. Ortiz is a perfect example of what is being done incorrectly up there. There was no investigation of Mr. Ortiz,” Norton explained in the Tribune article. “It’s just guilty by association for being a member of an organization that it is not against the law to be a member of. No one has alleged a single overt act that Mr. Ortiz did in furtherance of any alleged conspiracy. He simply took cover in the parking lot.”

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