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Twin Peaks Biker Hearing Puts Waco District Attorney on Hotseat

Lawyers for three of the bikers at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas, filed legal documents to have the district attorney recused from their criminal cases. On Monday, a hearing on their motions put the McClennan County District Attorney on the hotseat. D.A. Abel Reyna, the police chief, and other law enforcement officials, were all placed on the stand to testify during the hearing.


Leaked Waco Video Reveals Little on Twin Peaks Shooting

The ninety minute video from a surveillance camera at Don Carlos Mexican restaurant reveals little, if any, new information about the police shootout at the neighboring Twin Peaks restaurant. That incident left nine people dead in May. The video was released by a Dallas law firm on Friday evening.

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Law Enforcement Response to Waco Shooting Raises Constitutional Questions

Serious constitutional and civil rights questions have been raised regarding the blanket fill-in-the-blank arrests of 170 bikers in the wake of the Waco Twin Peaks shooting and the subsequent excessive bail that was set. Breitbart Texas investigative reporter Lee Stranahan and KTSA radio talkshow host Trey Ware recently discussed some of these issues on Ware’s morning show.

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Waco PD: Threat to Officers ‘Probably Not Over’

Waco Police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton stated that the danger “towards us and our officers, and the officers here on the ground, and the other bikers that are involved in the shooting that occurred here” “is probably not over” on


Waco Police Update: ‘This was Anytown, USA Yesterday’, Could Happen in Any City

Waco Police Department’s Sergeant Patrick Swanton said “This was Anytown, USA,” in response to a question from media about why this happened in this city. He said there is a violent element out there and this type of violence could erupt anywhere, especially if a business ignores requests from police. Swanton revised the number of individuals downward to 170 from the previously reported 192 during his Monday midday press conference.

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Twin Peaks Shooting: 192 Arrested, Restaurant Shutdown for 7 Days

The Waco Police Department announced the arrest of 192 people in connection with the shooting at the Twin Peaks restaurant that occurred around noon on Sunday. In a separate action, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) announced they have issued a 7-day summary suspension closing the diner for community safety reasons.

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