Op-Ed: Can Europe Absorb a Mass Migration of Millions from Middle East and North Africa?

Migrants in Europe
AP Photo/Frank Augstein, File

On television, we are watching the beginnings of a mass migration from the Middle East and North Africa to Europe. If you google “Middle East Population and North African Population” you get the 2014 CIA population estimates nation by nation. The Middle East has a population over 600 million and North Africa has a population of 198 million for a total over 800 million.

There are over 4 million in refugee camps now in several nations. People are voting with their feet.

First there were a few hundred refugees; then a few thousands; and then a few hundred thousand migrating to Europe from the Middle East and North Africa. In the future will there be a few million? This week 30,000 refugees entered Germany. The German government is preparing this year to accept 800,000 refugees. Germany has budgeted $11 billion to house, feed, and teach German to the refugees.

Since the migration is illegal, the migration is heavily controlled by international crime syndicates, which charge thousands of dollars to transport refugees, often by completely unsafe means. That is the reason we watch TV shots of children washing up on beaches after having drowned.

The Middle East and North Africa have experienced a very high birth rate. For this reason there are large numbers of young individuals and families living in highly insecure political and economic areas.

The situation already is so serious the Pope has asked churches and families to take in refugees.

While foreign powers and the United States make major political, economic, and social policies, the consequences are far reaching. Can Europe absorb a mass migration of Middle East and North African refugees, hundreds of thousand or even a few million?

The situation in Syria has no immediate solution. It is brutal warfare. ISIS has taken the last Syrian oil field. The US will not send thousands of US troops. We encourage Iran to fight ISIS in the Middle East. Iran has the Cyrus the Great complex to gain hegemony throughout the Middle East. The problem is Iraq, according to George Littell of Groppe, Long Littell, is the oil in the south is in the Shia area; the oil in the north is in the Kurd area; and there is very little oil production in the Sunni area of Iraq. The regime in Iraq in control is Sunni and they discriminated against the Shia. For that reason the Sunni support the Sunni ISIS and Iran is fighting the ISIS with Shia citizens in Iraq supporting ISIS.

Citizens of the Middle East and North Africa cannot raise their families when there is little future of hope and stability in many of these countries. They become refugees for survival.


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