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Eastern Europeans in UK Reject Stereotypes Amid EU Standoff

As Prime Minister David Cameron hunts for a deal on restricting benefits for EU migrants, eastern Europeans in Britain say they are weary of stereotypes casting them as workshy. With net migration to Britain at record levels, Cameron wants to


New Record: Germany Took In More Than 200,000 Migrants Last Month

BERLIN, Germany –  Germany took in more than 200,000 migrants in September, politicians said on Thursday, a new record which is likely to fuel the debate about how many newcomers Europe’s most populous country can absorb. Germany’s mainstream parties initially

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Op-Ed: Can Europe Absorb a Mass Migration of Millions from Middle East and North Africa?

On television, we are watching the beginnings of a mass migration from the Middle East and North Africa to Europe. If you google “Middle East Population and North African Population” you get the 2014 CIA population estimates nation by nation. The Middle East has a population over 600 million and North Africa has a population of 198 million for a total over 800 million.

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European Migrant Invasion – As Second Front Opens, EU Can’t Cope

The European migrant path travelled by those leaving the Middle East, Afghanistan and Africa has shifted geographically in recent months. In a new development migrants are now coming into Europe by land across the western Balkans rather than across the sea

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EU Challenge: Czechs Demand Choice Of Refugees

The free movement of migrants across the European Union is being challenged by the Czech Republic. Tomas Haisman, director of the Interior Ministry asylum and migration policy section, told journalists in Prague today his country wants a say in the choice of