Latest Texas School Girl ‘Cat Fight’ Ends in One Arrest

Bellaire HS Fight with Cop
Photo: KTRK ABC13 Video Screenshot

The latest high school girl cat fight broke out in a Texas high school on Wednesday and landed one of the girls in jail. The three-girl tussle came within a week of a four female fracas caught on cellphone, only this incident ended with one arrest and an injured school police officer.

This confontation erupted at Bellaire High School in the Houston Independent School District (ISD). KTRK-13 (ABC) Houston obtained cell phone video of the burgeoning brawl. It showed three teenaged girls going toe-to-toe in a hallway. Before they really started to rumble, a school resource tried to break up the fighting but one girl resisted and proved too much for the officer to handle. The scuffle between the officer and the student, recorded on the cellphone, resulted in the officer tumbling to the ground and then limping away.

The footage shows that the aggressive girl wears a gray dress and wrestles with the campus officer against a locker-lined wall. The officer attempts to maintain control, although it appears he hurts his foot during the struggle with the girl. Later, he went to the hospital for treatment of his injury. The local ABC news affiliate anchor noted that out the altercation “could have gotten even more out-of-hand” if the officer did not intervene.

Area parent Vernon Johnson spoke to the news crew and commented on these recent female fight frenzies. He told KTRK-13, “Girls are more aggressive than guys. These days you got girls that will beat up guys.”

Johnson suspected the problem “is maybe they don’t respect authority. It starts off at home. You got to train your kids.” However, another resident thought social media fueled the fight, suggesting that “they feel it’s OK because people blasting it all over the internet and they get likes and everyone is watching this.”

These types of brutal battles started even before social media really took off, though. In 2005, Newsweek looked at the surge of violent behavior among girls.They called it a “burgeoning national crisis.” However, a 2008, U.S. Justice Department report disputed that claim, even though they acknowleded that girls “do engage in violent behavior.” The DOJ identified that the number of girls charged with assault increased by 24 percent between 1996 and 2005, while assault charges against boys decreased. The report also suggested that girls are more likely to attack their same-sex peers. It stated the importance of understanding the context in which such violence occurs.

Yet, random attacks and impromptu group explosions increasingly find their way onto social media. Just last week, Breitbart Texas reported on the Cypress Lakes High School hallway melee with four girls. Also caught on a cellphone camera, the shocking video showed hair pulling, grabbing, and merciless head banging and pummeling one another to the ground. Police did not arrest any of the teenaged girls involved in that incident.

In response to the Bellaire High School fight, Houston ISD officials released a statement: “All students involved will be disciplined per the HISD student code of conduct. Additionally, one student was charged with resisting arrest. We do not tolerate fighting of any kind. The safety of our students and staff is always our top priority.”

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