‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Halloween Costume Pulled from Online Store

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Photo: Costumeish.com

The latest Halloween costume pulled directly from the headlines, Clock Boy Meme Costume, was unexpectedly pulled from cyber-shelves. Late yesterday, Breitbart Texas spoke to Costumeish.com CEO Johnathon Weeks who confirmed that the Clock Boy costume will not be sold. Although he did not divulge why the abrupt change of plans, Weeks only said, “The costume was a hoax just like the little boy.”

On Monday, the Southern California-based online Halloween costume retailer launched “Clock Boy.” The $80 get-up came with with an aluminum case, clock guts including LCD screen, clear glasses, the signature NASA shirt, and handcuffs, all modeled by a geeky-look-a-like Ahmed model. When Breitbart Texas spoke to Weeks on Tuesday, he sounded excited about the new offering to their controversial “meme” line and anticipated selling a few hundred of the novelty outfit. The product got a lot of media traction and buzz on social media as soon as it was announced.

Even Ahmed Mohamed’s father, Mohamed Elhassen Mohamed, linked to an Orlando, Florida radio station story about the Clock Boy costume on his Facebook page.

Known for outlandish costumes such as Ebola Containment Suit and “sexy” Ebola containment suit, Ice Bucket Challenge, Chilean Mine Worker, and llegal Alien Adult, Costumeish’s attention-grabbing Halloween garb is meant to be in good fun. Their celebrity line includes “Call Me Caitlin” Jenner, Adult Bruce Gender Olympian, “Trump” wig, Infant Tycoon Trump, Deez Nuts for President 2016, Foxy Megyn Bloody Tampon, plus old, new, and dead Hollywood stars. Cecil’s Revenge – Dentist Killer Costume joins Cecil the Lion Killer. The company earmarked 15 percent of last year’s Cecil the Lion Killer proceeds for an African Wildlife Foundation’s Justice for Cecil fundraiser.

On Tuesday, Weeks told Breitbart Texas, “Anything really goes for Halloween.” No political agenda came with the Clock Boy costume, although the edgy costumer pointed to a subtle swipe in the product description, now taken down, but it poked syntactically through the use of quotation marks to hint at the validity of the clock as an invention at all. It read:

When is a clock, more than just a clock? The day a 14 year old “invented” a clock and brought it to school a national scandal was born.

A kinder, gentler knock than when comedian Bill Maher jibed, “He didn’t invent a clock. He took the guts out of a clock radio that he bought in the store and put it in a pencil box, okay? This is like pouring Cheerios into a bowl and saying you invented cereal.” The Real Time host even called out liberals as “ninnies” for glomming onto the Ahmed Mohamed story.

“Some people who have their 15 minutes of fame, sometimes during the months of August and September, get an extra minute extended with a Halloween costume,” said Weeks.

Well, maybe not this year.

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