Clock Boy

Federal Judge Tosses ‘Clock Boy’ Discrimination Suit

DALLAS, Texas — A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the family of Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed Friday accusing the Irving Independent School District and the City of Irving of religious discrimination.


Leaders Sentenced in Holy Land Foundation Terror Financing Trial Lived Near Home of ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed

A north Texas mosque, near the home of “Clock Boy” Ahmed, was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing trial in United States history. The judge found there was ample evidence that the mosque, the Islamic Association of North Texas, assisted the Holy Land Foundation in funding millions of dollars to a Palestinian military terrorist organization that has killed Israeli children.

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‘Breitbart News Daily’: America — and a World at War

On the December 2, Breitbart News Daily show on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125 from 6AM to 9AM EST, host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon will interview a number of guests and discuss the most important news topics. The program is the first live, conservative radio enterprise to air seven days a week. Sirius XM Vice President for news and talk Dave Gorab called the show “the conservative news show of record.”


Richard Dawkins Compares ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed to Islamic State Child Soldier

Richard Dawkins posted a Tweet on Tuesday that compared “Clock Boy,” Ahmed Mohamed to the Islamic State child soldier who beheaded a man and it was captured on video. After being attacked on Twitter, he is backing down from his original statement and saying he was only making the comparison of them being young boys.

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‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed May Leave Texas School District Silenced from Telling Their Side of Story

When “Clock Boy” Ahmed jets off to Qatar, he may leave his former Texas high school silenced from disclosing the details behind his September 14 arrest because the Mohamed family did not sign the school district’s waiver. Without it, the Irving Independent School District (ISD) remains muzzled from telling their side, burying the rest of the story.

Ahmed the Clock Boy

EXCLUSIVE: Texas Mayor Target of Vile Online Attacks over ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed

Fifteen online communications obtained exclusively by Breitbart Texas reveal Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne as the target of troubling threats and foul-mouthed attacks made over the Dallas suburban school district’s handling of 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed, the boy who brought into high school an unassigned homemade clock creation perceived as “hoax” bomb last month.

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‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Halloween Costume Pulled from Online Store

The latest Halloween costume pulled directly from the headlines, Clock Boy Meme Costume, was unexpectedly pulled from cyber-shelves. Late yesterday, Breitbart Texas spoke to CEO Johnathon Weeks who confirmed that the Clock Boy costume will not be sold. Although he did not divulge why the abrupt change of plans, Weeks only said, “The costume was a hoax just like the little boy.”

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