SEX TRAFFICKING: Texas Man Charged with Luring Louisiana Teen into Prostitution

Gaines-Collins Mugshots
Photos: Dallas County Jail

A Dallas, Texas, man now stands accused of luring a 15-year-old Louisiana girl into prostitution. The prostitution began after he raped the young girl, according to Dallas police.

Jaylen Devonte Gaines, 23, met the girl online, a common thread in the trafficking of teen girls into sexual slavery. He eventually lured her to travel to Dallas. She left her home in Louisiana and travelled by bus and train to Garland, Texas. He then took her to a hotel, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Court documents reveal that Gaines gave the teenage girl a choice between becoming a stripper or a prostitute. At some point in this process, he raped the underage girl.

Gaines joined with alleged conspirator Renee Collins, 25, who coached the girl on the world’s oldest profession, giving the teenage girl tips on how to avoid being arrested. The Dallas newspaper reported the two alleged traffickers would move the girl to a new hotel every few days. They advertised her services on, a sight well known for ads promoting prostitution.

Court records indicate the young girl claimed to be a virgin prior to being attacked by Gaines.

The sex trafficking of the young girl took place over a period of several weeks. During that period, Gaines allegedly recruited another woman to work as a prostitute. Her age was not disclosed.

Following Gaines’ alleged sexual assault on the teenage girl, she went back to her hotel room where the other prostitute was also staying and told her of the attack. A few days later, the girl left the room and went to the hotel clerk and asked the clerk to call police on her behalf.

Police responded to the call and took the four people into custody for questioning. Eventually Collins and Gaines admitted they had recruited the girl and forced her to work as a prostitute. The other woman confirmed their accounts of what had happened.

Collins and Gaines now face felony charges of compelling prostitution by force. Gaines was also charged with trafficking a child and sexual assault of a child. Collins was allegedly found with marijuana in her possession.

Gaines is currently being held in the Dallas County jail on a $150,000 bond while Collins faces only a $15,500 bond. She also has an outstanding warrant on an unpaid speeding ticket from the University of Texas at Dallas.

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