Texas Reporter Saves Flood Victim Trapped in High Water

reporter saves driver
Photo: ABC-13 Video Screenshot

HOUSTON, Texas – A reporter from a Houston television station saved a man from possibly drowning after the elderly man’s car became flooded out in the heavy rains Monday morning.

In an unusual scene, ABC-13 reporter Steve Campion was reporting live on-air when a man drove his vehicle into a flooded street. As the car began floating, Campion yelled out for the driver to get out and swim to safety. As the elderly  man began to swim, Campion noticed the difficulty the man was having trying to get to shallow water.

While still on the air, Campion waded into the flooded street and pulled the man to safety. The vigilant reporter kept his microphone with him during the rescue and interviewed the man while walking back to land.

The incident happened at the intersection of Interstate 10W and Studemont, an area that is prone to flooding in heavy rains.

Prior to this man driving into the water, Campion observed two other cars driving into the flooded intersection from the other side of the roadway. Both cars became submerged and only the rooftops were visible.

As Campion observed the elderly man’s car beginning to float in the roadway, Campion yelled to the drover, “Dude, you’ve got to get out of the car. You’ve got to get out!

The man asked what he should do as his car was rapidly sinking. Campion yelled out, “Leave the car, swim!”

After the rescue, the unidentified man told the ABC reporter he did not realize the water was so deep.

At least one Houston viewer seemed impressed with Campion’s actions. He tweeted to the Houston reporter asking if he wanted a job with the Houston Fire Department.

Houston was subjected to major flooding in the early morning hours of Monday. Rains continue through the day and are expected to continue for most of this week.

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