Green Party Convention: ‘Democratic Party Does Not Give a Flying F**k About You’

Photo: Bob Price/Breitbart Texas

HOUSTON, Texas — YahNé Ndgo, a featured speaker and a self-described “Bernie Lover,” asked convention goers at the Green Party Nominating Convention in Houston, “Are you going to try to go inside there and reform this [Democratic] Party, that has demonstrated in every way, with every opportunity, that they really do not give a flying f**k about what it is you care about?” “And for me, that’s not a hard decision,” Ndgo said.

She added, “Are you going to open up your mind to the possibility that there is something in place, an organization, a national organization that is already in place, that actually wants to hear from, and represent, your needs, your interests, and your leadership?”

Ndgo is one of the featured speakers at the Green Party of the United States convention gathering in Houston, Texas.

As reported by Breitbart Texas, Green Party candidates and delegates are in Houston for their 2016 Presidential Nominating Convention. Both the Green Party and their presumptive presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stein, are appealing to angry Bernie Sanders supporters, and “Never Hillary” voters, to vote Green as their “Plan B.”

Ndgo told attendees that people have assumptions about poor people, including about their intellect, their skill set, and their work ethic. Ndgo said there is absolutely no connection. She said she hears Bernie Sanders talk about these things and “I get really excited.” Ndgo added then suddenly there were people who were excited about these issues. “So what happened within this movement, is that all these passionate people were running up to each other and hugging the crap out of each other all day long and saying let’s roll up our sleeves and let’s get this work done.”

“We saw what happened through the whole primary process. We saw what the Democratic Party did to the incredible candidacy that Bernie Sanders brought to the table and we saw what the Democratic Party did to the voters who selected Bernie, and who they blocked, and who they put someone else in that position who was not the person that the majority of the people selected, and who have experiencing no consequences to that reality. Right?” There was a great deal of applause in the room after she said that.

Ndgo added, “So then there has to be a question, are you going to try to go inside there and reform this Party?” There were shouts of “NO!” in answer to her question.

As to the Democratic Party she said, they have “demonstrated in every way, with every opportunity, that they really do not give a flying f**k about what it is you care about.” There was loud applause and shouts once again.

She added that the decision to join the Green Party was not difficult for her because “I’m not interested in running up against a bunch of walls. I’m not interested in speaking to no one because if nobody is listening to you, you are speaking to emptiness, Right?” I’m not interested in that. I’m interested in having my voice, my insights, my experience, being heard, she said.

Ndgo said the Democratic Party has billionaires who are trying to solve the issues of poverty, but they have no way of understanding how it feels to be without electricity, or food in the refrigerator. She noted that Democrat-run cities were in a mess, and schools in those cities do not even have toilet paper in the bathrooms. Others have referred to the control of these Democrat-run cities as the “Supermassive Blue Hole” effect.

“And you live in a Democratic city, and you are supposed to be believing in the Democrats that run your city. How’s that supposed to happen?” Again there was applause and someone shouted, “Exit!”

She replied, “Exactly! So I exit. I exit, with the other Dems, and I’m coming here.” Ndgo said she believed that there is “an open invitation here.” She added, that it does not matter where the Green Party has been, or what they have been able to accomplish at this point. She said what she has heard from everyone in the Green Party leadership and from Jill Stein and others at the Green Party is, “The Green Party wants to be representative of all of us.” “The Green Party is interested in opening up the doors for everybody who is activating around this goal of a better world.”

As to the future success of the Green Party Ndgo said, “Anything we can imagine is possible.”

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