Alleged Illegal Immigrant in Mississippi Charged for Trying to Sell Cocaine

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An alleged illegal immigrant living in Tishomingo County, Mississippi, was arrested by police for allegedly attempting to sell over $2,000 worth of cocaine. The arrest followed a months-long investigation into the reported illegal drug activity.

Anuar Hilario Hernandez Moreno, a 42 year-old illegal immigrant who went by the alias ‘Ferdando Perez,’ was arrested and charged by the Tishomingo Sheriff’s Department and Burnsville Police Department for allegedly possessing $2,300 in cocaine with intent to sell it in the region.

At the time Moreno’s arrest, he continued to use his alias name, police said in a statement. Along with the cocaine recovered from Moreno during his arrest, police also found two firearms at his residence.

Police did not clarify whether the firearms recovered from Moreno were illegally trafficked into the country.

A records check revealed Moreno is also facing similar charges in a nearby Mississippi city. He was out of jail on felony bond due to a 2015 grand jury indictment for aggravated assault.

Police said Moreno is being investigated by federal immigration officials at Immigration Custom Enforcement (ICE) for his illegal immigrant status.

The case is an ongoing investigation that is being conducted jointly between the Tishomingo Sheriff’s Department, Burnsville Police Department, District Attorney’s Office, Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics and Homeland Security.

Moreno is currently in custody at the Tishomingo County Jail on a $7,500 felony bond for the cocaine possession charge.

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