Left Sees Clinton Presidency as Path to Purging Mississippi Flag

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JACKSON, Mississippi – Community organizers’ efforts to purge the Mississippi State Flag for its use of Confederate iconography see a path to victory in a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Duvalier Malone told Local Memphis that based on emails released by WikiLeaks from the Clinton campaign, he imagines the former Secretary of State will take up the issue if elected.

“Being that it is on Hillary Clinton’s agenda, on her radar, I am so excited because we need help in the state of Mississippi,” Malone said in the interview.

“That Confederate flag represents hate, it represents so much darkness of our past and it’s time for us to retire it and put it in a museum where it belongs,” Malone continued.

The emails Malone is referring to are ones where Clinton’s staff asks whether or not she should denounce all Confederate symbols, including a plan to end the “Robert E. Lee holiday” in her husband’s home state of Arkansas, despite the date being originally recognized by then Governor Bill Clinton.

In an email from Clinton aide Karen Finney, she asks “frankly the relevant question about Robert E Lee Day is whether or not HRC and WJC support ending the holiday and the other states where it is celebrated,” as she brainstormed about what to tell CNN anchor Jake Tapper when asked about the issue.

“There is a movement pushing for abolishing the holiday and all others related to the confederacy,” Finney continued in the email. “So a statement denouncing all would shut down this piecemeal oppo push.”

The effort to purge the state of its flag has already become a soft policy for the University of Mississippi.

Ole Miss students and fans have had their state flags confiscated and one said he was arrested for being in possession of the same as Breitbart Texas reported.

The politically-correct efforts have drifted into New Orleans, Louisiana as well as Mayor Mitch Landrieu will soon be removing monuments related to the Confederacy, including one honoring Robert E. Lee.

Local Black Lives Matter activists are demanding NOLA officials remove a famous monument to Democrat President Andrew Jackson in the heart of the French Quarter because of his ties to slavery, as Breitbart Texas previously reported.

John Binder is a contributor for Breitbart Texas. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.


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