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Video — BLM Activist Likens ‘Privileged’ Officers to White Supremacists: ‘When White Men Rape Us, They Don’t Care’

A Black Lives Matter activist at Monday night’s protest in the nation’s capital took a few minutes to scold a line of officers who calmly stood, emotionless, as she likened them to white supremacists, accused them of being “privileged”, and offered sweeping claims on white men, claiming that they “rape us” and “don’t care.”

Protesters confront a row of police officers during demonstrations at Lafayette square, in front of the White House, in Washington, DC on June 22, 2020, where earlier protesters tried to bring down the equestrian statue of former US President General Andrew Jackson. - The United States is grappling with widespread …

Family of Woman Who Portrayed ‘Aunt Jemima’ Opposes Rebranding

The family of Lillian Richard, one of the women who portrayed “Aunt Jemima” — the smiling woman featured on popular breakfast foods and syrups — opposes Quaker Foods’ decision to undergo a rebranding, explaining that Richard became a “hero” in the city of Hawkins, Texas, and emphasizing that they “do not want that history erased.”

Aunt Jemima, Syrup.

Chinese State Media Dings Obama and Democrats for ‘Years of Negligence’ of Race

Chinese state media outlets have been bursting with criticism for President Donald Trump during the current round of riots, but the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) also tossed a few bricks at former President Barack Obama and his Democrat Party, needling them for doing little about racial issues and touting China’s efforts to care for its poor and disenfranchised as vastly superior to the Democrats’ half-hearted socialism.