NYC Leads Weekly Illegal Alien Release Listing, Fed Report Shows

File Photo: ICE Enforcement Removal Operations

New York City led this week’s report from immigration officials for having released the highest number of criminal aliens under a detainer. The report covers detainers issued on February 4-10.

The Declined Detainer Outcome Report released on Wednesday by U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials stated that out of 73 immigration detainers issued to law enforcement officials in New York City, officials released 12 accused criminals.

These illegal aliens are facing charges in New York City for crimes including assault, larceny, burglary, and sexual assault.

ICE officials issued the largest number of detainers to jurisdictions within the State of California (162). Of those, California officials declined eight and released criminal aliens with convictions for domestic violence, assault, burglary, cruelty towards a child; and immigrants charged with drug possession and domestic violence.

Travis County, Texas, which led last week’s report with well over 70 percent of released criminal aliens, received 23 immigration detainers. Of those, two were released during the reporting period.

The illegal aliens listed in these detainers are said to be from Barbados, Columbia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, France, Georgia, Honduras, Hungary, Mexico, Nigeria, St. Vincent-Grenadines, and Tajikistan.

The report lags real-time by six weeks, and covers detainers declined during the period of February 4-10, regardless of the date the detainer was issued.The report also details the policies in place that make the jurisdiction a “sanctuary.”

Last week’s report included some counties that released the person to another jurisdiction. The receiving jurisdiction subsequently declined the detainer and released the criminal alien. The reports are being adapted to report this information more accurately, officials said.

The ICE correction states:

Due to a data processing error, the Jan. 28 – Feb 03, 2017 Declined Detainer Outcome Report incorrectly attributed issued detainers to Franklin County, New York and Montgomery County, Iowa that were in fact issued to agencies outside of the respective county’s jurisdiction in similarly named locations. Please note, however, the corrections only apply to section I. The data processing error did not impact information on these jurisdictions in Section III. Additionally, detainers that appeared in as being declined by Williamson County, TX were cases that had detainers lodged in that county and where the individuals were subsequently transferred to Travis County, TX. The detainers were then declined by Travis County, TX. These declinations should have been attributed to Travis County, TX.

Officials cautioned this report should not be used exclusively to measure a jurisdictions level of cooperation with immigration officials.

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