Hug It Out: Border Patrol Opens Fence for 3 Minutes

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Border Patrol agents opened a single gate in California to let separated families hug it out.

Border Patrol agents allowed six families to be temporarily reunited on Sunday at the “Door of Hope”, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

The event, held for the fifth year in a row, took place at Friendship Park–where the U.S.-Mexico Border separates San Diego from Tijuana. Families were allowed a three-minute window to embrace their loved ones as the event celebrated Mexico’s National Children’s Day.

The San Diego Union-Tribune highlighted the emotional toll that can take place when families are separated. Lorenzo, 31, was able to see her mother for the first time in years. Her mother traveled to Mexico in 2010 to visit family and thought she would be able to return to the United States easily. She was wrong, and what they thought would be a short-term ordeal turned into a long-term separation for the family.

What was not mentioned in the article was the fact that this family became separated under the Obama Administration. The article proceeded to play on readers’ emotions by highlighting the fears that illegal immigrants have of being deported by President Trump.

“Most of my family is scared, really scared,” Lorenzo said. “My mom lost a little more hope.”

Writing for the San Diego Union-Tribune in 2015, John Fanestil wrote a piece titled Friendship trumps racism at San Diego border park. Fanestil asks readers to “join us in saying ‘no’ to racism and #YesToFriendship.”

The author describes the San Diego-Tijuana region as, “characterized principally by productive, binational relationships spanning social sectors from business to higher education, from food to arts and culture, from environment to high-tech, from tourism to religious and social justice organizing.”

The article fails to mention for the years 2015 and 2016, there were 1,580 murders in Tijuana, which is more than Chicago had in the same time span. In one instance, a Mexican cartel took the fight to law enforcement in Tijuana, shooting a total of 20 police officers, only five survived, according to Breitbart Texas reporting at the time.

The Sinaloa Cartel builds elaborate smuggling tunnels in the Tijuana area to ship multi-ton quantities of narcotics worth tens of millions of dollars into the United States through San Diego.

Ryan Saavedra is a contributor for Breitbart Texas and can be found on Twitter at @RealSaavedra.


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